Items to be covered

My birth/adoption

My rape

My schooling pre and post rape

My home life

My escapes from reality

My suicidal thoughts

The women in my life, momentary and more substantial

My children

My desire for acceptance

My workplace bullying and it's results

My depression

More as I get to it

This website is so mentally strenuous to construct that it will be under construction for quite some time to come, so please check back regularly

If you are, or anyone that you know is suffering from

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety or any associated Mental Illness

Please be aware that in Australia and most countries world wide there is help available 24/7/365.

Before you atempt that final step, in Australia, please call one of the numbers below, or, failing that call

Triple 0 (000)

And just talk to someone before you remove all your choices

Please note the numbers below, and Triple 0 are for Australia only, for elsewhere please refer to either your local directory assistance or Police/Medical for urgent assistance

24/7 Crisis Line 13 11 14

If a life is in immediate danger call 000

Beyond Blue Support Line 1300 22 4636

If a life is in immediate danger call 000

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