PTSD is not something to be taken lightly, in fact, it is not something I could ever wish on my worst enemies.

So let us go right back to the beginning and explore my life and try to work it all out.

I was born in Sydney Australia's Royal Women's Hospital on a mid-winter's day in 1962, however, on that day I did not meet my "Birth Mother", nor did I see her, and vice versa, my "Birth Mother" did not meet or see me.

Kind of strange that, isn't it?

In Australia part of our history consists of what is known as the

"Stolen Generation"

The "Stolen Generation" that one reads and hears about is/was a situation created by Governments and the Church groups in which "NATIVE" (Australian Aboriginal) children were forcefully removed from their "Biological Parents/Families, and rehoused within "White Australia". This act within itself is by all standards reprehensible.

To further explain and to help the world wide web to not repeat itself over and over you can click here to visit the Wikipedia page about Australia's "Stolen Generations", or you can click here to visit what I believe is Aboriginal website called "Creative Spirits" to learn much more about Australia's "Stolen Aboriginal Generation"

There has been a lot of work done by the Governments of Australia on both a state and federal level with regard to the Aboriginal children that were forcefully removed from their rightful biological parents, including financial compensation, but still not enough.

I have informed you about the "Stolen Generation" as an introduction to my life, but why you may ask - because I am a non-Aboriginal Australian.

Something that you may not be aware of as you start to read through my site, is that there is/was also a

"Stolen White Generation"

here in Australia of which I am a part of, although, this has nothing to do with my initial cause of PTSD, but will come into play later on, so it is an important part of my story.

Adoptive Father

As I said earlier, I was born mid-winter 1962 at the Royal Women's Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

A wall was placed between my "Biological Mother's" head and my worldly entrance point. This was done because my "Birth Mother" was at that time unwed, and therefore by both "Act of Government" and "Act of God - (This term is used because the Churches all backed and promoted this barbaric act)" she was never to see me, and likewise I was never to see her.

On my birth I was immediately removed from my "Biological Mother",

stolen might be a better word,

in a Commonwealth, State and Church sanctioned, no, legislated action against my "Biological Mother's" wishes.

I was then placed on an adoption register and adopted out to what I would grow up to know as my parents (pictured in their younger days to the left and right of this text).

My "Biological Mother" was then sent on her way as if nothing had happened.

To me this was just so cruel. If it was done today as it was then, people be jailed - no ifs, no buts !

Anyway, back to the beginning, I was born, I was stolen, I was moved to the Lithgow Valley to grow up as Mark Kuzma.

Adoptive Mother

My name at birth was Michael Allan Hall.

I am not sure how my birth name came to be, and know it only from my Adoption papers.

My birth mother

My Biological Mother of whom I have only seen once in my entire life.

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